The ideal way to spend a Sunday. Kakopetria Hillclimb.

mitsubishi lancer evolution 8

Cyprus is known for its beaches mostly, due to our 12-month summer period. But hidden up in the mountains are some beautiful villages with stunning views and most importantly, awesome twisty roads.

Upon these twisty roads, the kakopetria Hillclimb took place for the last round of the championship.

What I love about Hillclimb and Time attack is that cars obey the power to weight ratio rule. This means is that there is a variety in drivetrain configurations as well as powertrain. Unlike rallying or drifting which pretty much limits your choices.

Top four of the day


With that being said the fastest of the day and overall was Kapetanios with his gazillion horsepower Evo that slayed these poor mountain roads.

The second fastest was this single-seater made by talex motorsport. This race-bred machine was purely designed for this sort of competition and it looked scary.

With a motorcycle engine revving to the moon, gearshifts faster than a blink and a total weight of a typical American, this thing looked a handful to drive.

The third fastest was surprisingly a turbo Miata. With all the stance bois taking over this platform I just forgot how good of a track car a Miata can be!
Nissan silvia s14 Time attack
nissan silvia s14 time attack
Fourth place was claimed by an S14. Which actually gripped (Feels weird seeing a Silvia entering a corner without it being sideways and bashing the limiter )

Weapons of choice.

bmw e36 m3 hillclimb time attack
bmw e36 m3 hillclimb time attack
bmw e36 m3 hillclimb time attack

Sideways action was offered, by this gorgeous looking E36 M3, which sounded as good as it looked.

Apart from drifting, Hondas have a presence in every motorsport and for a good reason! The grip and the power to weight ratio that this platform offers are still impressive even after some 20-odd years of its launch. No wonder today’s Hondas won’t achieve the cult status of the 90s civic. Just too good to be true.

Rally cars taking on road courses is always a fun thing to watch, the ridiculous suspension travel of rallying transfers to a lot of body roll on the twisty black stuff.

Mitsubishi lancer evolution cyprus rally
Mitsubishi lancer evolution cyprus

I would be lying if I said that I didn’t love the way the rally cars approached the corners. What stole the show this particular day was a car that looked promising but due to some mechanical failures never made it for a timed lap. 

This monster of an s2000 features an American heart in the shape of an LS, with a paddle-shifted gearbox central lock forged wheels and massive aero it looks like it came straight out of WTAC.

Needless to say, I cannot wait to see it in action.

Worth the drive

well, despite being only a one hour and thirty minutes drive away from Larnaca, the small roads definitely couldn’t handle all that traffic, so the expected outcome had happened.  

Nevertheless, it is worth the drive since the stunning views paired with the picturesque restaurants and coffee shops make for a relaxing experience and an ideal weekend getaway.

Γραμμένο από : Οδυσσέας Σοφοκλέους 

Photography : Odisseas Sophocleous,  Aristos Michael @thestudiobyaristodimou

The ideal way to spend a Sunday. Kakopetria Hillclimb. Gallery

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