Nissan Patrol Cyprus Club – Charity SAFARI

Nissan Patrol Y60 off road

On March 10, 2024, the Nissan Patrol Club in Cyprus held its third annual charity safari to raise money for children with lifelong diseases through the charity organization Χριστίνα Α αποστόλου. Check out the video below for more of the event! 

Nissan Patrol modifed
ford off road

The event started early in the morning at Skira-Lima, situated at the base of Stavrovouni mountain. Attendees were treated with refreshments from Red Bull Cyprus, and the atmosphere was very welcoming.

red bull mini cyprus
jeep cherokee offroad
Suzuki Jimny modified

At approximately 10 AM, a variety of 4×4 vehicles had taken over the location ranging from stock vehicles on all-terrain tyres to fully modified off-road builds with 40-inch mud terrain tyres.


We spent our time hunting down the owners of some of the vehicles on display- You can see the interviews in our Youtube videos but some car features are also coming soon ! 

After a short speech from the event organizers (full speech available in the YouTube video), it was time to start the safari.

We were lucky enough to hitch a ride with Fotis Fotiou and his Y61 PATROL, a vehicle equipped with leather, air conditioning, and a ride quality that would put most modern SUVs to shame. With an experienced driver, our team (Angelos Georgiou and Michalis Pipponides) was ready to shoot some off-road action.


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The trail included some nice steep sections and lovely views of the surrounding mountains, which provided some stunning photos. It’s worth noting that most vehicles had at least one passenger, but most of them had the whole family with them. This is something that you can’t do with a sports car, so you can see the appeal of 4x4s in Cyprus.

t our first mini-stop for a quick break, we had a chance to see all the vehicles together. It was crazy to see over 100 vehicles just chilling on top of a mountain. Despite being an event organized by the Nissan Patrol Cyprus club, it was open for all 4x4s. Congratulations to the guys behind the event for trying to unite everyone who loves 4x4s for a great cause!

Descending from the mountain, a nice mud bath awaited those who wanted to test the water-passing capabilities of their vehicles. It made for some great pictures, to be honest!

nissan patrol y61
nissan patrol y61 super safari
nissan patrol y60

At our next stop, some small hills provided a playground for the more extreme builds that joined us that day.

suzuki vitara

Seeing a Pajero with Patrol axles was a first for me, for sure!

mitsubishi pajero

After cheering on some successful and not-so-successful attempts at climbing the obstacle, we jumped in for the final stretch of our trip with the final destination being the Kornos camping area. In our YouTube video, you can watch some of the builds of the day in more detail. Once we arrived, it was game on to get the party started with the obligatory souvlakia and cold beers!

A massive thank you to the Nissan Patrol Cyprus Club for having us out, and we would like to take a moment to invite you to the next event if you own a 4×4. Not only will you have a great time with like-minded people, but you will also help a great cause!

Photography by : Michalis Piponides

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