The most dapper ride on the Island, Gentleman Ride 2024

The distinguished Gentleman’s ride, started for me as another motorcycle-themed event back in 2022 at Limassol old port.

gentleman ride 2024 limassol
Triumph limassol

But after participating in the event for the third year in a row. I can proudly say it is a lot more than that. 

Gentlemans ride 2024
Gentlemans ride 2024 ducati
the godfather

Allow me to elaborate. After attending more or less all festivals that our tiny Island has to offer, I can assure you nothing feels like the Gentleman’s ride. To begin with we ride for a cause. 

Gentlemans ride 2024 vespa
Gentlemans ride 2024

We ride with the sole purpose of raising awareness for male mental health and prostate cancer research. Unfortunately, we leave in a period in time where over 1 million men were diagnosed with prostate cancer just last year. While male mental health is taking a beating in these challenging times, increasing depression and sadly suicide amongst men. 

gentleman ride 2024 limassol

The biggest killer of men under 50 remains suicide, and its up to us to help save our fellow men. 

Triumph limassol

If you like to support our efforts you can donate here :

gentleman ride 2024 limassol
gentleman ride 2024 limassol Triumph
gentleman ride 2024 limassol

Another thing that sets the Gentleman’s Ride apart from all the other events, is of course the Gentleman Style. Dressing nice makes you immediately feel nice and act nice. 

The only thing that doesn’t change no matter how you look is the taste of delicious coffee from Bean bar Coffee shops.  ( and how ridiculous I look holding a camshaft for a microphone holder)

gentleman ride 2024 limassol
gentleman ride 2024 limassol

As you might already have guessed for 2024 we returned to the Limassol old port, which allows for some stunning shots. 

gentleman ride 2024 limassol triumph

After a short speech, we started our gentlemen’s ride in the streets of Limassol.

gentleman ride 2024 limassol

Massive thank you to all the marshals that made sure to stop on coming traffic and kept the ride safe and tight. 

Honda cx 500

Our final destination was the brand new TRIUMPH showroom that opened it’s doors recently in Limassol. 

gentleman ride 2024 limassol harley

Which upon arrival we realized that we were a part of one of the largest Gentleman’s Rides to ever take place in Cyprus. 

gentleman ride 2024 limassol

Triumph Limassol was kind enough to open its doors to us and let us see up close all its new offerings. 

After a succesful ride it was time to lay back, enjoying cold KEO beer and enjoying the views in the parking lot. 

Just like that Gentleman’s Ride 2024, came to an end. I would like to thank every one of you who attended the event. With our effort we raised 9080 euro to date ! Worth mentioning that we had 146 registered riders but the number on the day of the event was closer to 200 motorcycles! 

Can’t wait to see you all again next year! For more pictures of the event and the portairt shots please visit our facebook page :

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