Being obsessed with something.


Being obsessed with something, we are all guilty of that. Especially if you visit this site! However, have you been so obsessed with something that you dedicated a part of your life to it? Today we are visiting Xristos Moisi garage to find out the amazing story of this mx rider.

The beginning

Even if you are not a fan of two-wheels. You would have heard of Motocross. This is one of the most demanding sports in the world. Both for the machine and the rider.

yamaha yz 250 cyprus

Focusing on the latter, suspension plays a very important role on the overall performance of these machines. Thus, after competing at mx pro-1&2 For four seasons. Xristos has dedicated his spare time into suspension tuning.

How things escalated

Back to my original point, ever being obsessed with something? Well in this case things escalated quickly. Since xristos turned his driveway to a small shed.

Equipped with all the special tools needed to carry out any suspension related activity. From repairing blown shocks, to revalving super bikes to hit the track.

Even at the highest levels of motorsport, tuning of the machine boils down to the communication between the engineers and the driver. Thus, being someone that has experience as an mx rider. Helps him better understand the needs of each rider.   

The stable

It wouldn’t be a proper shed though. Without any toys inside right?

2019 yamaha yzf250

The pride and joy in Xristo’s garage, is his 2019 Yamaha yz250f mx bike. This is the same bike that he competed with. Basically a pure bread made for war.

The Yamaha remains fairly stock. It obviously had its suspension revalved and set for the rider’s weight and preferences. There are some noteworthy facts worth mentioning about this machine.  

yamaha yz250f cyprus

To begin with the bike comes with its own app called power tuner app. It essentially connects on the CAN-bus of the motorcycle via Wi-Fi. Allowing the rider to set the air-fuel ratio and ignition timing within certain parameters. Furthermore, it acts as a data logger. Measuring engine running time, log race information and even provide engine diagnosis.

yamaha yzf cyprus

Also, the bike features a revised bilateral frame and a ram-air style intake system, truly ground-breaking stuff for an mx bike.

ktm adventure 1290

Lurking in the shadows is a ktm adventure 1290, that you might see in a full feature. (let us know in the comments).

Where does it end?

Being a motorsport engineering student myself I can only envy the dedication that Xristos has put into learning the theory behind vehicle dynamics and all the parameters associated with them. In addition, with this being just a hobby for him and not his main line of business. You must respect his love/obsession for suspension tuning.


Even though he is one of the very few people on the island with the knowledge and tools to carry out these procedures, he is uncertain if he can make a living out of it. I guess the future will tell.

yamaha mx pro cyprus

As for his racing career, hopefully with some good training and a sponsorship, He will be back at the circuit.


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Words & photos : Odisseas Sophocleous 

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