Larnaca rally Sprint- through our lens

mitsubishi evolution 8

On the last weekend of February, the fields of Koshi echoed with the heart-warming sounds of rally cars bashing the limiter and being driven with utmost anger. 

Mitsubishi lancer evolution 5 rally car cyp
suzuki swift rally car cyprus

Although my initial plan was to wake up early as possible to shoot the service station of the rally then find a decent spot to take in all the action, a late-night party was not the greatest of decisions the night before. 

I am somewhat of a genius I know. Nevertheless, I hopped in the Subaru and made use of the awesome AWD to plough through the fields onwards to see some rally action. 

Evo Paradise

 I arrived at the service station, where I was immediately greeted, by a sea of diamond-badged cars. 

As a wise man once said, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, Thous the old reliable Mitsubishi Lancer evolution is getting in the action to this date, (from Evo III to Evo IX ) people can’t get enough of them! 

Lancer evo 3 rally car cyprus
Lancer evolution 6 cyprus
mitsubishi evolution 8 mr

AWD comes especially handy when only two wheels are in contact with the ground as a couple of drivers soon find out in this part of the course. 

2WD action

If your pockets are not deep enough for turbocharged AWD and active yaw control, the 2wd category had as many if not more participators going at it. 

Honda civic type r EP2 rally car
Opel rally car

From Peugeot 106s to Honda civics the variety of the 2wd class was very impressive. Along with my personal favorite from the event-wait till you see the last paragraph.  

renault rally
honda civic ek9 type r cyprus

Even a humble Toyota Yaris all prepped up in rally gear had a go at the rally sprint, it is fair to say that the loud-pedal was firmly pressed down, throughout the course. 

The rally stage

lancer evolution 5 rally car

Small but mighty, the course had sudden elevation changes as well as abrupt technical turns, which provided plenty of spectacle for the crowds. 

evo 3

Unfortunately, it wasn’t easy to go back and forth from spots since the only exit back on the road was a one-way street onto the nearest motorway.

RX7 swapped RX8 rally car.


Well, I will be damned, this is the one car I forced myself out of bed that morning to see race and I didn’t regret it a single bit. 


The RX8 is a nice-looking car, to begin with (it is certainly not an FD but it grows onto you). 

I did manage to have a quick chat with the owner and grab some photos but I didn’t get the chance to ask for more details on the build. 

Judging from what I could see under the car and the cockpit this is a serious rally build that also sounds godly on the loose stuff. 


Being the only RWD vehicle at the event, it did provide plenty of slides for the people cheering.
That is all I had for you today hope you enjoy these articles as much as I do writing them, Stay tuned for more event coverages and more car presentations. 

Words : Odisseas Sophocleous 

Photography : Odisseas Sophocleous

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