Chasing Snow in Cyprus.

In Cyprus, we don’t get much snow, and when we do it is for a month or two on the very top of the Island. At Troodos mountain.

Due to some never-ending list of errands, I didn’t make it up the mountain this year, but luckily for us our latest contributor Mary Danish lives up there and was able to shoot some of the white stuff and did some car spotting of the cars that visited the mountains. 

 If you think you need a purpose full off roader like ”this awesome land rover”  to hit the snow  well you don’t ! Mary and her friends did it a trio of celicas including this forgotten jdm piece of history the ss3 celica.

I will leave the rest of the talking to Mary.

Having a blast

The past two months were truly amazing up in the mountains. Pure winter joy, family and friends coming for snow fun, pictures, and sport.

 2022 brought a huge level of snow to Troodos. Besides, the iced roads that form in night-time and create a headache for the people living up here, daytime is just pure awesomeness.

If you plan to visit, throw the snow chains in the trunk of your car when coming from the cost side, and don’t forget that instruction to the chains is pretty useful!
ps. Make sure you have winter gloves and good shoes!

AWD is optional if you are brave enough as these two fellas that had a ton of fun skidding in the snow with the playful 86 chassis. 

Plus this rare for cyprus standards 350z. Unlike the 300zx like the one that was featured- Cyprus best Z car? A 90s Nissan perfected. the Z33 chassis didn’t get loved in Cyprus. 

That’s all we had for you today, if you like this sort of -road trip- articles let us know! 


Photograpy : Mary Danish 


Mary Danish, 

Odisseas Sophocleous

Chasing snow in Cyprus.