First Time attack of 2022 overview.

The first round of the Time attack championship took place at Achna Speedway this weekend and we were there to capture the action.

Cyprus Time Attack
Mazda rx7

We are officially in the fourth month of 2022, the weather is getting warmer, the days are becoming larger and more people are showing up to burn dinosaur juice to drive around in circles. Brilliant!

mitsubishi lancer evolution 8

Sunday Morning.

Due to an early F1 race (from the land down under). I was a bit late to the party, but right on time to see the prep rush before the race.


Drop the hammer

After meeting and greeting all the familiar faces in the paddock, I took place trackside. Soon enough, the first categories started their attack.

mitsubishi lancer evolution 8 street car
time attack cyprus
renault sport

Lots of streetcars made an appearance which I love seeing.

Turn it up a notch


If you are not familiar, the categories range from streetcars (s3,s4) as seen in the previous section.

integra time attack
mitsubishi lancer evolution 6
golf 5 time attack build
evo 3 rally

to more track-focused builds (M1, M2). 

Add some spice

MAZDA MX5 cyprus
and then you have the Fully blown race cars (RCS1,2)-(RSCE1,2) (RCBE for single-seaters) such as this ridiculously agile Talox that we previously saw in a Hillclimb.  
jiklas lubricants
Talox motorsport

Despite being the only vehicle in its category the Talox managed a 1:04:278 that was enough for second place overall. 

All out

Nissan silvia 180sx time attack
nissan silvia s13 time attack
mitsubishi lancer evolution 9 time attack
mitsubishi lancer evolution 9 time atack

Rounding things up is the open category, in which the big boys take part or the fastest cars of the day. Such as this evo ix wich nailed a 1:03:843.  

mitsubishi lancer evo 3 pikes peak
mitsubishi lancer evolution 3 time attack

Followed closely by this mental straight out of pikes peak looking evo 3 that did a 1:04:378.

Rounding up the RC OPEN was Renos Pericleous with a honda civic (1:05:277) that is a veteran on this circuit. 

nissan pulsar gtir

The evolvement of Time attack in Cyprus

Time attack started out as something with a really small community but over the years it evolved to something a lot bigger and managed to attract new comers as well.

mazda mx5

I was also impressed by the fact that a TV channel was covering the event live. Something that organizers should be proud of. 

time attack cyprus
time attack cyprus

To sum things up, Despite the difficult times we live in, I respect that there are people willing to keep a sport alive without any prize money or massive sponsorships in play. 

Words : Odisseas Sophocleous 

Photography : Odisseas Sophocleous,  

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