Classic car Festival at Finikoudes

Porsche Turbo aircooled cyprus

Cars are like wine. Like wine once it reaches a certain age it will either be treasured and worth a fortune or it will be an absolute disaster that’s destined for the bin.

vw beetle cyprus
Mercedes-Benz classic
So who decides which car gets to live another day and which one meets its maker? Unfortunately, its down to the average consumer and not the average petrol head. (Otherwise, lord knows that we wouldn’t change cars since the 90s)
Audi quatrro coupe s1
Audi Quattro coupe s1

But progress in inevitable, cars are getting replaced every day. Government schemes to scrap old ones removed historical pieces from the road the past decades and more or less this is how we ended up paying close to 6 figure prices for a VW bus. Madness, I tell you!  

land rover series 1

Long live the ciassics

Thankfully classic car festivals exist for us mortals to enjoy and see in person some really impressive machinery from another era.

Karman guia
Porsche Turbo aircooled cyprus
citroen ds

Cars that once cost a fortune…
And cars that were once an everyday sight, now are seen only in museums and events like this one.

Driven for a cause.

vintage rolls royce
british classic car

The main aim of the event was to accumulate donations for a charity event Ο ΣΥΝΔΕΣΜΟΣ – Ένα Όνειρο μια Ευχή  which ended up a massive success since they accumulate upwards of 16,200 euros.

Pontiac Firebird cyprus american car
Toyota celica classic

Zimmer golden spirit, is the name of the automobile you are looking at. I was having a hard time understanding what it was as well. – You are welcome.

Cars of Cyprus

Fiat 500
Classic vw beetle
Classic MINI

As you may expect if you were ever involved in the classic scene, some cars are massive in numbers and most certainly a guaranteed attendee at this sort of event. Such as the classic Mini and the old reliable VW beetle. Found in every color of the rainbow.

vw beetle classic cyprus wallpaper
vw beetles colours
classic vw beetle
classic minis
classic minis

What you probably didn’t expect was this

Toyota sera classic car show cyprus

A Toyota Sera. Did we expect corollas? Yes, old celicas? cant be a classic event in Cyprus without one. But this? Looked like a god damn spaceship in the middle of it all. In a survivor condition but still managed to brake some necks all day.

Toyota celica supra

A touch of Americana

A lot of muscle cars kept the crowds entertained, since we are not used to American-made automobiles on this side of the planet. 

shelby ford mustang gt500

People couldn’t get enough of the Mustangs, vettes and Cobras but something else peaked our interest. 

chevrolet corvette stingray
chevrolet corvette stingray
chevrolet corvette stingray

…A land yacht. Nothing more American than taking 4 parking spaces and having a turning radius of around bout. Absolutely want one!

linclon continental 1965
linclon continental 1965
linclon continental 1965

Legends of another era

Lancia Delta Intergarle HF evo 2
lancia rally car

what was having crowds all over them at each moment was this beautiful Lancia accompanied by this wild-looking Ford escort.

escort rally car

Historic rally cars are always special. Even the road inspired version of rally cars such as this stunning Alfa romeo Guilia.

The humble 200sx did pass the age limit to be a registered classic, but I am gonna keep it real with you, I will always see this as the ultimate toy. (Bought one for myself for this reason). Relatively modern turbocharged engine, 90s Japanese bulletproof engineering. If you consider it a classic, its definitely one to be driven not stored.

Vintage Two wheels

classic japanese motorcycles
Honda cb650

A lot of classic motorcycles showed up , which was a pleasant surprise !
This will sound a cliché but vintage Honda’s never fail to steal the show. They are simply stunning.

Gonna wrap it up with perhaps the most iconic vehicle in Cyprus history. Post war Italy had Lambrettas and vespas We had this :
The Suzuki landie. All the power you need to go from a to b, with little to no fuel used. Absolutely maintenance free.
Enjoy the gallery and Stay tuned for more !

Words : Odisseas Sophocleous 

Photography : Michalis Piponides ,  

Constantinos @Pure slides 

Classic car Festival at Finikoudes . Gallery