Air-cooled cool.Honda CB750 by Underground Custom cycles

honda cb750 custom

What is a dream build?

A dream build. Something that all petrolheads share is a dream build, ask any petrolhead out there of what his dream build is and he will start talking about it down to the last detail like it’s something that is already done and built. 

honda cb750 custom

Because in his mind, its already built! But sadly, life happens and things like money and time hold us back from making the ‘’dream build’’ a reality.

honda cb750c custom red 3

However, when life gives you the chance to make that build a reality you just have to bite the bullet and make it happen. Which is what the owner of this lovely Honda CB750C did when he tracked a beaten down CB that for some reason still run.

The build

If you are familiar with the CB family, you will know that the C at then end of the 750 means that this Honda started life as Custom variant which implies the seating position of a cruiser and less of that of a commuter/upright seating position.                

honda cb750c custom red 4

Something which is a big no if you are looking to build a brat style motorcycle.

 Enter Petros at Underground Custom Cycles , to fix the seating position and ultimately bring it a step close to the dream built, Petros worked his magic with a custom rear frame and a hoop. Which of course goes hand to hand with a custom seat pan and new shocks to accommodate the new ride height. 

honda cb750c custom red brat 2
honda cb750 r1 yoke

Speaking of suspension up front the Honda was treated to new technology in the form of R1 inverted shocks paired via an incognito moto top yoke with some massive brakes and rotors. That are paired with some custom wheels for this build.

r1 yoke honda cb750c
honda cb750c custom spoke wheels

The wheels themselves are a cocktail of Harley Davidson 16-inch hoops, Original Honda Comstar hubs and custom ordered spokes. Confused yet?

honda cb750 brat

If you are like we are, let’s just say Petros does a lot more than simply bolting on off the shelf components and calling it a day.  

honda cb750c red

What I do know is that the awesome looking wheels are wrapped around Shinko E270 tyres, that offer modern day performance with the proper vintage look.

All the bells and whistles

Honda cb750 engine

 As mentioned, this awesome looking CB was driven until the wheels off by the previous owner, which meant an engine overhaul was in the cards.

Honda cb750 engine

Sourcing engine parts for these engines is becoming a pain in the butt {ask me how I know) but Petros managed to source everything internally, bringing the performance of this legendary 4 cylinder back and beyond with the use of mikuni Rs smoothbore carbies and DNA pod filters.

Honda cb750 engine DNA FILTERS

Making all the right 4-cylinder noises are some custom-made stainless-steel pipes which sound glorious.


With Function following form on this build, it was a no brainer that moto gadget parts would find their way on it. Such as a Moto gadget speedo being built into the yoke that partners up with a m unit blue for all the signal work. The front indicators are also from the German manufacture.


Whereas the front headlight is from a BSA W20 with a modified LED internal light. Out back Kellerman tiny signal lights are used.


Daily driving duties that this Honda often sees are taken care with an ENCO handlebar and some biltwell grips that match wonderfully to the repainted factory paint scheme.


So, there you have it a dream build in the flesh!
If you want to hear this four-cylinder masterpiece sing- head to our Instagram!


A massive thank you to Petros for the chance to feature this build! We cant wait to see more builds from Underground Custom Cycles.

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