911 Turbo S from Porsche’s special wishes program

porsche tail light

We were invited to a very special event, for the reveal of a very special Porsche. but before we show you the car, here’s a few words on where the Porsche 911 Turbo comes from. 

Porsche classic Turbo

1975 is the first year that a Porsche came out the assembly line wearing the tag Turbo at the back of it and since then a legend has been born. Pushing 300ps over some meaty-ish rear tyres without any electronic gimmicks to keep you on the road, it was definitely a handful to drive and it earned the nickname widow maker soon enough.

Porsche cover

The following iterations of the turbo S model kept getting better and better until the biggest changes in ths 90s when Porsche switched to a water – cooled engine and AWD for the turbo models. Making a fast car even faster and a lot safer.

porsche tail light

Something that brings us to today’s Porsche 911 Turbo S (992 generation). Sporting 650 hp backed by a blistering fast PDK gearbox, AWD as standard and massive 215 section tyres front and 315 rears. It provides ridiculous amount of grip , resulting in a mind-blowing 0-100 kmh of just 2.5 seconds. 

Porsche Turbo S cyprus
Porsche carbon ceramics

Turbo is the answer.

Before we dive into this particular car and why it is so special, I want you to think for yourself, If you could choose the ultimate Porsche which model would you choose?  

Porsche 992 2023 turbo S

Many people mistakenly think that the GT3 RS models from the Stuttgart manufacture are the best money can buy. Which is true if we are talking about a track day special, but what If you want it all? Power, luxury, and comfort all in one teardrop sexy package.  

porsche turbo s

Well then you will be looking at something like this from Stuttgart’s proudest, a 2023 911 turbo S. Other than tremendous amount of power available from the 3.8 L flat 6 twin turbo engine, it doesn’t sacrifice luxury in the name of weight savings as well as ride comfort in the chase for a few tenths around a track.

Porsche Turbo S 992

Resulting in an extremely fast yet usable sports car that’s still capable to hang around the best of them.

A special wishes Turbo S

But what if you want something even more special than a ‘’simple’’ Turbo S model? Well in that case Porsche has the special wishes program that as the name states makes all the customer wishes come true.

Porsche cyprus

In this case starting from the colour amethyst metallic was never offered on the current generation of Turbo S models but it was one of the ‘’special wishes’’ of the customer.

carbon ceramics rotors porsche

Porsche-heads will also have notice the carbon ceramic brakes filling the 21 and 20 inch wheels. Plus, if you are familiar with the 992 family you would have noticed the aero package that this vehicle also features.  

Porsche Turbo S aero package

Heritage Design interior

To top it all off Enis opted for the heritage design interior. An ultra-modern car with historic details. Do they go hand-in-hand? The answer is simple: yes. Because good ideas are simply timeless.

Porsche 911 Turbo S

The heritage design introduces materials and colours from the golden era of the 60s and 70s such as Atacama beige leather with matching corduroy seat centres and door panels.

Porsche heritage interior

Not a single piece of plastic trim is to be found in the interior with all the bits and pieces being in leather and even cardinal red for the centre console pieces and air vents.

Porsche heritage interior

But my favourite detail from the cockpit is the chrono package.

A homage to the past: the instruments are reminiscent of the legendary Porsche 356. At this time, Porsche used a white needle and green numbers.

Lastly if you swing open the door and you are greeted with the owners name backlit on the doorstep on one side and his family members name on the other side a lovely touch in my opinion.

A special reveal for a special car

You have to excuse the length of this article, but this is truly one of the most special 911 I have ever seen on the island!

Enis took delivery of the vehicle just short of his birthday and what a better way to celebrate with hosting a 911-themed party to also reveal the Porsche to his friends.

Porsche party

The events agency Bandster arranged a lovely evening with delicious food, endless drinks, an incredible 5 piece jazz band as well as casino tables. It was truly a night to remember. Special thank you to Enis for having us out and Bandster for hosting this lovely event.

Porsche Cyprus

Photography: Anthony Baram @anthonyb.photography 

Words: Odisseas Sophocleous

Event planner : Bandster https://www.bandster.me/

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