The story of the Fastest woman in Cyprus.

integra time attack

If you are a regular reader to our website you might already know from the headline what we are on about, as we mentioned Maria and her awesome Integra in our previous articles about the Cypriot Time attack Championship.

Honda integra

 If you are not let us walk you through how a high revving Honda on slick tyres driven by a young lady manages to set some very competitive lap times and almost reign in its class.

Honda integra

Weapon of choice.

In the early 90s when the integra was released, it was Honda’s second model that got the Type R treatment after the NSX and for a good reason, it’s a platform with tons of potential right out of the box.

Integra DC2 king tony

This example is build and tuned entirely at Racetech – The second vehicle that the team campaigns while they are out there breaking track records with this rad machine.

integra time attack

Maria started competing in the Integra whilst it was still a street car, but as she became a better driver, the car was developed further. 

honda integra type R

Under the hood you will find a B20Z straight out of a ’96 HRV. This engine is fully build using what I presume the highest compression ratio pistons known to mankind and Toda ‘’Vtec Killer ‘’ camshafts.


Along with some other undisclosed tricks it results in an engine that sounds pissed off at all times and revs over 9k in an instant. Which totally suits Maria’s pedal to the metal at all times driving style. –  Click here to see her in action! 

Making the best of that diabolical engine is the standard transmission fitted with custom gear ratios, that sends power to 245 wide slicks wrapped around 9.5-inch wheels up-front and 225 width slicks wrapped around 8.5-inch rears.

fastest woman in cyprus
Hardrace suspension honda

The car rides low and stiff and more than often on three wheels around some corners thanks to BC racing suspension and Hardrace alignment components.

How the fastest woman In Cyprus came to be

Honda integra

So how did Maria end up in the bucket seat of this awesome Honda? Well after watching her brother Christos race for many years she was curious on what did he found so interesting in Motorsport, 

Honda integra time attack

So Christos brought her along for a track day and to quote Maria – ”After you slip the helmet on you are already addicted to it ”. 

Maria Hadjigeorgiou

When asked upon how does she feel that she is the only female racing driver in Cyprus, Maria states that:

We all race as equals in the racetrack and that she would love to see more women have a go at motor-racing and that she is more than happy to help anyone interested in the sport. 

Honda integra racetech

Maria made heaps of progress with the Honda in the past years but she is looking forward in the future to drive her brother’s absolutely insane turbo AE86.

We wish the best of luck to Maria and Racetech , for the new season and we hope her actions inspire more women to come and join the fun at the race track ! 

  • Photography by Odisseas Sophocleous
  • Words Odissseas Sophocleous
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