Nissan Patrol Cyprus Club Charity Safari 5/3/23

Nissan patrol cyprus club

On the first Sunday of March 5/03/2023 the Nissan Patrol club Cyprus held for the second year in a row a charity safari, to commemorate the memory of Ελένη Xαριλάου with the end goal of raising money for kids with lifelong diseases for the charity organization Χριστίνα Α αποστόλου.

Click the video below to see more of the action! With over 151 cars taking part in the ride including Toyotas, Jeeps , and Mitsubishis over 11 500 euros were raised for this charity. Congratulations to the Nissan patrol Cyprus club for their initiative.

Photography and Videography by  Angelos Georgiou @the_car_polarizer Drone shot intro @itslkadventures@doleross
 Action Drone shots :
@alex_alpha_fpv Alex Pandeli  Words Odissseas Sophocleous

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