Honda CBee 400 by Underground Custom Cycles.

honda cb400 cafe racer

As with many important questions in life, the answer is always a Honda. Want to go reliably to work and back? Honda. Want to go somewhere ridiculously fast? Honda. Want to feel like a 20-year-old again without dating a 20-year old  Russian girl? Believe it or not Honda.

Honda cb400

Want something vintage looking, yet reliable enough to take you anywhere and within a modest budget? That was Menelaos question that ultimately let him to acquiring this 1993 Honda CB400SF   

Honda cb400 nc31 cafe racer

Honda CBs are no stranger to the custom world, but often the water-cooled models of later generations fall under the radar when it comes to building a custom project. But with a price of cheap and awesome VTEC noises, more and more are biting the bullet and making a project out of them. Sadly, not all of them get finished.

Making it a proper built

When Menelaos bought the bike, it was an unfinished café racer project that he dragged in the garage of Underground Custom cycles to try and make a built out off.
Honda cb400 cafe racer

As with any proper build it started with a total disassembly until only the frame was left. After inspecting the frame for any cracks, shortening the frame, and constructing a lovely rear hoop took place.Next, a custom seat pan, and a battery tray underneath that seat pan were also neatly incorporated into the build. Working with someone that knows how to build a proper custom takes out the guesswork and the progression of a build moves naturally. 

Honda cb400 nc31 custom
Honda cb400 cafe racer rear cowl

Up next the rear end piece was made from fiberglass that rounds up the rear end beautifully.

Honda cb400 nc31 custom
Honda cb400 nc31 custom

Up front a 2001 R1 donated its front end including the massive brake calibers and rotors. Braking force is applied through a Brembo master cylinder.

Honda cb400 nc31 custom

Matching the upgraded suspension up front is yss rear adjustable shocks.

Honda cb400 nc31 cafe racer yss shocks

To truly benefit from these upgrades, wrapped around the powder-coated wheels are Pirelli angel gt tyres.   

Going the extra mile

Honda cb400 nc31 HP EXHAUST

Usually that’s where most builds draw the line, but not in this case. With the engine out , it was a good time to give the engine a thorough rebuilt along with re-jetting and rebuilding the carbs to play nice with the DNA filters and HP exhaust.

Honda cb400 custom
Honda cb400 cafe racer

The bike was also converted to hydraulic clutch system instead of the factory cable for a better and more complete lever feel.

Controlling the whole project is a moto gadget m unit blue with the wiring being done inhouse! Taking advantage of the versatility of the moto gadget unit, mOtone button switches are being used along with a Daytona digital speedo.

Honda cb400 nc31 decals

Making for an ultra- clean setup around the clip-on bars and paving the way for a 7 inch round led headlight.

Honda cb400 nc31

Love It or hate it yellow

Honda cb400 nc31
Hot dogs,beer & motorcycles, underground custom Cycles – opening party

In a sea  of black, grey, nardo grey, graphite grey, and so on…. Seeing someone with the attitude of standing out from the crowd really brings a smile to our face. This matte yellow was inspired by a Roeg helmet – Usually it’s motorcycle that inspires the helmet- but this worked out so good!

Honda cb400 nc31 custom seat

With the seat stitching being colour matched to the paint, and some striking black decals, this Honda really makes a statement wherever it goes! I absolutely love it!

Honda cb400 nc31 underground custom cycles
Honda cb400 nc31 cafe racer ride

Other than the colour choice, something I really appreciate is the fact that Menelaos got involved as much as possible with the build and did not just hand a lot of euros to someone and told him make do with!

Honda cb400 cafe racer

So how does the Honda answer to Menelaos initial question? Chatting with him it clearly ticks all the boxes! A reliable stunning looking motorcycle that performs as good as it looks every single day.

Honda cb400 nc31

As far as I am concerned, Menelaos and Underground Customs managed to create an exceptional build that stands out of the crowd, without sacrificing the driveability and reliability for which the Honda Cb is known.  


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