Nissan skyline R33 GTST. Nissan’s overlooked sports coupe.

Nissan Skyline R33 wallpaper

Well, where should I even start? On one hand, you have the perfect recipe for an awesome car. Inline six? Check. Turbo? check. Rear-wheel drive? check. On the other hand, you have a bigger brother that goes by the acronym GTR that takes that recipe and throws in a couple of scoops of protein to create one of the most famous sports coupes that ever graced this planet.

nissan skyline r33

So what's the hype about the gtst?

As the title states the gtst is Nissan’s overlooked platform. As you probably know, a GTR is a different kind of animal compared to the gtst. But what about the gtst recipe that I mentioned previously? It’s a platform that has the potential and in the modern-day people realized and project cars like this one get to exist.

Nissan Skyline R33 GTR bar

Simple but effective

Unlike the other R33 that we featured in the past, this one doesn’t sport any wild body kit or an ultra-low ride height. Exterior mods include an OEM GTR bumper, as well as a GTR, mounted wing. Another notable addition are the rare ganador mirrors, that make everything 100% more jdm.

Where simplicity stops

Nissan skyline R33 gtst RB25DET

We always try to feature the most interesting cars out there, so we wouldn’t showcase just a good-looking r33. As you can see the humble RB25DET has been treated to an array of goodies, so here’s the rundown:

The engine internally features Tomei pistons, conrods, ACL bearings and ARP studs. A JUN oil pump provides some peace of mind from the typical rb25 oil pump issues. Up-top the engine features Tomei Poncams along with Tomei springs and retainers.

rb25det precision turbo

Boost is supplied by a precision 6466 resting on a custom made manifold with boost being controlled by two tial external wastegates. On the cold side of things, a GReddy intercooler and intake are used. Engine temps are kept happy with a GReddy radiator and an HKS oil cooler.

The party is controlled via a LINK ECU with the power going through the twin plate ORC clutch kit peaking at 720 jdm ponies at the wheel.

Interior r33 gtst

With great power...comes little to no traction.


Pun intended. Toyo’s R888R wrapped around some te37-knock offs (I hear you cry but yeah deal with it) are tasked to keep the power to the ground with a Nismo 1.5 way diff trying to keep this beast pointing in the right direction. Tein coil-overs are found on all four corners with a ride height that screams function over form.

endless big brake kit r33 gtst

Finally, a big brake kit upfront makes sure this machine stops on a dime both on the street and on the track which the owner often takes for a fun weekend.

The office

R33 grst interior nissan skyline

Our friend Andreas uses this beast mostly as a fun weekend warrior to attack various mountain passes but also sees the occasional track day as mentioned. R33 GTR seats are a great way to keep your body from shuffling around the car on some hard corning, while a Nardi steering wheel replaces the stock/hideous steering wheel. The icing on the cake is the rare Nismo cluster that reads to 300km/h. Just for some extra motivation to step on the loud pedal.

Nismo Cluster nissan skyline

A sad goodbye

despite the car serving the owner the past years, it may be the end of the road here, As he is looking to move on to a different platform. Which is something that brings me to my original point. Is the R33 GTST an overlooked hero or it just rose to glory from the Skyline name?
Let us know below!
Video coming soon!

Owner: Andreas Dimitriadis
Words: Odisseas Sophocleous
Photography: Angelos Georgiou @The car polarizer

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