6/3/21 Cyprus Rally photo gallery.

EVO X rally

Is it true or am I dreaming? well, I am in the pleasant position to state that motorsport is officially back on the menu! After another heavy rain of lockdowns due to covid is nice to get a breath of race fuel for a change. 

Hundai rally

Rallying its one of those events that you absolutely must have a schedule a plan of attack and well another team member to cover the whole thing. Unfortunately, I was riding solo on this one but nevertheless manage to get enough material to give you a taste of the day.

Cyprus rally event coverage
Hundai rally

Apart from a muddy corner, as pictured above the majority of the stages today were on loose gravel-as typical in Cyprus rally. 

A good old scandinavian flick

evo 10 cyprus
evo 10 rally
mitsubishi rally

Not many things in life scream Rally racing as the good old fashioned Scandinavian flick. Modern R5 machinery manages to rotate their short wheelbase in an instant, but the longer wheelbase vehicles such as the Evo sure do provide a spectacle! 

Also pointing the vehicle in the right direction definitely helps. 


subaru rally car
evo 7 rally car
EP3 Rally car
Peugot 206 rally car

the Cyprus rally federation manages to bring a lot of unusual suspects to the rally stage. Considering the price gap between a rally prep EP3 civic and a fully blown R5 it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the reason. 

Yaris rally car
Evo 6 tme rally car

Never gets old

i30 wrc

So does it worth walking in the sun all day to witness a car throwing rocks at you? 

evo 7 rally
Toyota Yaris Gazoo racing
DS3 rally car cyprus

Hell yeah, it does, this is one of the least predictable motorsports out there, paired with balls on the wall approach to driving and you are in for an action-packed day without a doubt. 


Considering the fact that we are in Cyprus, action can come in a variety of ways. In an isuzu pickup interupting the stage for example. 


Words and Photography: Odisseas Sophocleous 


6/3/21 Cyprus Rally Photo gallery

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