1991 Suzuki Samurai. A pocket-sized tank.

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The last time we featured a samurai it was build in the least samurai way possible. It was built for speed which is something this platform is known not to do. Today I am happy to show you how a Samurai in Cyprus is usually built.
Suzuki samurai wallpaper

A strictly off-road affair.

Suzuki Samurai off road
suzuki off road track
jeep leaf springs suzuki
phone wallpaper samurai

Starting with the suspension an over the axle spring conversion took place to increase ground clearance with custom shackles to accommodate the leaf springs out of a jeep Cherokee.

Suzuki Samurai rock crawl

RANCHO shocks and springs are used all around and they provide a somewhat stable ride considering the total 5 inches of lift that this samurai has.

Suzuki Samurai 15x10 wheels

15×10 inch alloy wheels are wrapped around in all-terrain 31×10 tyres. giving the samurai plenty of grip to conquer any terrain. 

Still, Suzuki powered!

suzuki engine swap
samurai air lock

The Samurai also benefits from an airlock system in both differentials while the clutch has been upgraded to a performance unit.

arb air lock suzuki

Styling update

line x paint suzuki

What initially drew me to this car for a close look was the fact that it was entirely coated in Line-x which is fitting for this type of vehicle and certainly give the car heaps of character. Plastic flares borrowed from a Jeep, cover the 10-inch wheels while making the Suzuki slightly more aggressive-looking.

land mines cyprus
custom bar suzuki

Custom front and rear steel bumpers were made mainly for added ground clearance. Lastly Led headlights and extra piaa spotlights make sure that fun can take place during the night as well.

Bringing the samurai up to standards.

suzuki roll cage

If you ever been in this kind of vehicle before you know that they feel sketchy -regarding safety features, so the addition of a roll cage has been deemed a wise decision.

samurai interior roll cage

Despite the harsh ride and incredibly slow acceleration, I wouldn’t mind having one of these JDM- bricks in my driveway for the occasional off-road excursion.

samurai off road

Owner: orthodoxos koumbarou
Photography Odisseas Sophocleous
words Odisseas Sophocleous

1999 Suzuki Samurai. A pocket-sized tank.

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