Porsche 911 Turbo S by AGT styling

Porsche 911 991.2 turbo s

 What comes to mind when you first hear the word, Porsche? an incredibly fast race-bred Le-man conquering machine? or a more civilized and quiet SUV?

Porsche 991.2 911 turbo S

Well, personally what springs to mind is that timeless 911 roofline accompanied by ruthless flat 6 sounds and massive rear tires. Although this description can fit any 911 since the 911 stayed true to the original recipe from 1963, Porsche kept updating it year in-year out. Which today translates to excessive amounts of power, vehicle dynamics being tuned by God himself and the most subtle aerodynamic solutions one could ever think off. 

porsche 991.2 911 turbo S

The ideal 911

But what if you take things into your own hands, and turn it up a notch?

Well, this is what Antreas from AGT did with his amazing 911 991.2. After biting the Porsche bug, Andreas dug deep into research and started searching for his ideal 911.

porsche 991.2 911 turbo S

It had to have certain extras such as the aero package, carbon seats, and other goodies that are only available on the turbo S variants. Months later this pristine example was imported to Cyprus and boy did it hit the ground running.

porsche 991.2 911 turbo S
99% of people owning cars like this, follow the OEM guidelines down to the damn washer fluid. But what if your day job is modifying cars? Kinda hard to resist the urge right? Antreas is one of the owners of AGT styling a company that specializes in carbon creations and other body modifications thus.. (you can already guess what happened next right?)
porsche 991.2 911 turbo S

Let the mods begin

Andreas wasted no time modifying it. Before diving into more serious mods, H and R springs found their way onto the magnetic shocks because, factory ride height sucks, no matter what you drive. As was expected, a plethora of carbon goodies found their way onto the vehicle with the majority of them being produced by the AGT team in-house. – including the stunning aero discs which will get to in a second, but excluding the rear scoop from Techart that sits on top of the engine and rams in the air for added cooling.

Porsche 911 turbo s 991.2 tech art engine scoop

Regarding the wheels, we could make an article only for them. They are pieces of work. Made by a company named Dillinger in Spain, these wheels are made out of billet aerospace aluminum and they were custom designed for this build. The owner worked with the company and added his touch in the form of unique and custom-made aero discs.

The carbon pieces are held onto the wheel by Titanium hardware that the owner sourced specifically for this build. As if a center lock wheel wasn’t extra enough on its own!

Delinger wheels custom made aero disc porsche centre lock

Painted in a clear shade of Bronze they suit the car perfectly. Wrapping the 12.5-inch wide rear and 9.5 wide front wheels are Pirelli’s Trofeo R measuring at a whooping 315/30/20 rear and 245/35/20 front this thing just hooks up and goes!

Delinger wheels custom made aero disc porsche centre lock

With great amounts of grip usually bodywork gets in the way. Thus, original GT2RS Fenders, vents, and splashers were sourced and fitted along with GT2RS side skirts and GT3RS rear side vents.

porsche 991.2 911 turbo S

Fast can become faster

With all that being settled it was onto some more interesting mods. The kind of mods that usually find their way onto underpowered cars and not on supercar performance-level machines. But who am I to judge the ways of nature right?

porsche 991.2 911 turbo S

The porsche now makes more power and keeps all the temperatures in check thanks to a snow performance methanol kit tune, bigger AMS intercoolers-(massive to be exact)- an IPD intake plenum and Y pipe and lastly better breathing is sorted by BMC air filters and kline exhaust.

porsche 991.2 911 turbo S

Tuning of the engine and gearbox was taken care of by Protune service, Resulting in this incredible machine being capable of 9.69 in the quarter mile and 6.27 at the eighth. Which is ridiculously fast for essentially only ”bolt on mods”

Fun fact this car holds the draggy record on the Island (on the street) and it also won outright (all classes) on a single drag event that attended.

If you are still debating if this is a garage queen or does it puts to work all of this work, the answer is the latter one. Andreas drives this thing all over the place and of course to car shows, as it’s one of the AGT’s Demo cars.

Porsche 911 turbo s interior

I was never a Porsche fan, to be honest with you, but having worked on many 911s and what not over the years I learned to appreciate their philosophy. This 991.2 takes that idea and just adds just the right amount of spice!

Words : Odisseas Sophocleous


Photography: Angelos Georgiou @the_car_polarizer

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