”Kickdown x Exhaust Pericles” Φεστιβάλ Αυτοκινήτου.Ένα από τα καλύτερα φεστιβάλ του 2022!

Last Sunday, our good friends from Kickdown – that you might remember from their car and coffee meets in Nicosia , decided to kick things up a notch with the help of Exhaust Pericles and host a proper car festival.

Nissan skyline GTR R35 cyprus

Car shows can be a hit or a miss, the turnout, the event, the atmosphere – it’s an array of things that can make a car show great or not.

ariel atom 350hp

In this case, It was a HIT. One of the nicest and most well-organized events that I had the chance to attend in Cyprus. Plus, with part of the profits being donated to the Pericles foundation it also helped a great cause. 

ford mustang gt
ariel atom 350hp
stanced merecedes e320
bmw e30 e36 oz futura

Before you jump into the massive gallery let me walk you through how our day developed.

Being a part of the event

cyprusonwheels kickdown festival

We are grateful for the invite from the kick down crew, allowing us to set up a booth just to have a chance to talk to you guys and reach out to more builds.

cyprusonwheels kickdown festival

What that meant though is that I needed to wake up extra early and load up the daily to the absolute limit.  With Michalis Pipponides in the passenger seat a dear friend and a contributor to the site, we hit the road towards My mall Limassol where the event was held.

cyprusonwheels kickdown festival
Shortly after, setting up both our guests arrived, Alexandros Nicolaou ( Autopsiris) and his absolutely Mint Defender , and Menelaos Tornaridis with his stunning CB400 from Underground Custom cycles . (more on this build coming soon)

Later in the evening, we pulled out our secret weapon. This Honda-looking Suzuki managed to stop people In their tracks- all day long, Full feature coming soon! 

The protagonists

toyota a90 supra cyprus

No matter how you spice up a car show, if the cars aren’t up to the standard, well it simply not gonna work. Thankfully the lads from Kickdown didn’t have to worry about variety or build quality!

cyprusonwheels kickdown festival

The show area was neatly laid out, from a line-up of all German steel (pretty sure the A90 was there on purpose) To a row of Jdm awesomeness.

jeep cyprus
cyprusonwheels kickdown festival
cyprusonwheels kickdown festival

Leading to the off-road machinery and ultimately some proper beastly machines

toyota hilux vintage modified

Searching for Race cars ?

bmw e46 drift car

Again Kickdown did not disappoint bringing some of the wildest projects on the island out, such as this VR30DETT powered Nissan s14.5 that had in the background some of the biggest machines I ever laid eyes on.

s14.5 vr38dett

  KOFA which is the off-road organization brought out some rock crawling machines that compete in the series. Massive engines, even bigger tyres and all the suspension travel in the world, these things certainly made an impression when parked next to normal cars. 


Giving a whole new meaning to mall-crawlers considering the location.

Another show favourite was the pair of Subies enjoying some much-needed shade, Body kit fitment engine presentation and the stance they hit the nail on the head with these builds.


Which bring us to My favourite car in the show, A BMW-powered Mitsubishi Pajero, that was also turbocharged. This thing was simply wild! Built as a demo car for a paint shop in Limassol it did its job hella well, stopping people in their tracks and having a crowd around it all day long.

Mitsubishi Pajero turbo engine swap modified
M52 TURBO cyprus

Be sure that you will see more of it soon!

The vibe

Despite the main ingredient being cars in such festivals, all I could see around were excited faces that drooled over some awesome builds and enjoyed car life to the fullest!

Ford mustang gt v8 5.0
Nissan skyline

Despite the weather being on the Jesus Christ is hot out here side of the thermometer the mall air condition and plenty of iced coffees provided a much-needed break to the crowds.

bmw e92 stance modified

Therefore, the event just kept crowing even moments before the show was about to end. Unlike most events that we attended of this kind; the party just kept growing which was truly amazing.

Bmw e36 cyprus
Mitsubishi lancer evolution 10

It also helped the fact that the guys from kickdown did not accept any sort of misbehaviour- like burnouts and such inside the lot, which kept the police away and the mall security happy, Kudos to the team!

A great place to be

audi a7 modified

Great cars, a lovely atmosphere and a well-organized event, what’s not to love?! The guys also organized a ruffle which you entered with the purchase of your entry ticket, that could land you anything from merchandise to a new muffler/cat back exhaust for your ride. Absolutely nuts!  

Mitsubishi colt Evo swap

To sum it up despite most people knowing kickdown as another Instagram page, they managed to become a lot more than that and grow to a full-blown car club that hosts regular meets and will hopefully organize more car festivals in the future!

A massive thank you to all the photographers that donated their material. Michalis Pipponides , Stephanos Ioannou ( Stephanfocus ) , Constantinos Georgiou (Pure slides) Angelos Georgiou ( the_car_polarizer )

Words: Odisseas Sophocleous

Kickdown x Exhaust Pericles car festival gallery