The world of Time Attack in Cyprus

Nissan silvia time attack

Motorsports can be a very competitive field, to the level that a team will make anything possible not to release any of its findings to the world. But what if you turn things down a notch?


We attended the second time attack race of the 2020 championship in Achna speedway , on a very hot Sunday morning and this is what I discovered about the world of time attack in cyprus. 


Unlike other disciplines of motorsport on the Island, that have deep roots and almost a certain reputation. The time attack championship is fresh and still on its developing stages.


But this is exactly what makes it a hell more interesting.


Since there is a very small number of teams,the knowledge that is gained from each race its spread through the pits very quickly.

From the diy aero solutions, to the tricky suspension setups, each competitor is willing to help their opponent evolve and even help them finish the race.  

Do not be fooled though,when the chequered flag is dropped its full-on race mode.


The championship is divided in two divisions, Racing and street where each division having its own sub-categories, this provides with a great variety of cars, at different levels of mods. From fully blown race cars to your daily driven weekend warrior . There is space for everyone ! 

e21 time attack

As a fellow owner of a classic bmw . The owner of this blue E21 has my absolute respect for tracking such a pristine example. 

lightweight is the name of the game

honda eg time attack
honda turbo time attack
jiklas honda time attack

As we move into the higher categories, it’s clear that the weapon of choice are Honda’s famous eg and ek chassis. Lightweight is the name of the game.

Honda ek9 time attack

Although in this case its more like featherweight. With some contenders tipping the scales at just 790kg it’s no wonder how they manage with sub 300 hp cars to lay down some serious lap times.

A different approach

aw86 turbo time attack

Nevertheless, it would not be a proper time attack without at least two of the usual suspects.

180sx time attack

If you follow WTAC (world time attack championship). Then you know that a proper Silvia can achieve wonders around the track. Despite being a lot heavier than the competition, forced induction helps cover that gap.

On the other hand the ae86 is one of the most versatile machines to come out of Japan. Despite lacking in the power department from factory, its lightweight chassis and excellent driving characteristics. Provides an amazing platform to develop.

The rally Bred


Although, If you are after ridiculous cornering speeds. It’s three capitals letters that you are lacking – AWD.


Whilst the impreza and Lan-Evo where born for the rally stages, they work like a charm on the circuit, since finding grip it’s a very simple task for their sophisticated all wheel drive system.

The only downsides being the weight, along with its excessive drivetrain losses. Although, a capable turbocharged engine can help overcome these set backs. 


integra time attack

A noteworthy victory was the one street s3 the fastest lap time of 1.17.3 was set by the RACETECH integra driven by the only female driver of the championship Maria Hadjigeorgiou.

b18c time attack integra

Although boosting a pretty basic setup. It shows the capabilities of the infamous B18c screamer that lies under the hood.

honda turbo time attack

Overall win was given to Loucas christoforou or Jiklas with his irrational Honda turbo. Combining a featherweight chassis along with forced induction it’s a tried and tested technique.

honda turbo cyprus
honda time attack

With the only variable missing from the equation being grip, the WTAC inspired aero seems to work wonders.

To sum it up, this was a very fun experience and I cannot wait for the next racing weekend. Personally, I want to congratulate the organizers and the drivers for bringing to life a sport that seems forgotten in Cyprus.


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world of time attack in cyprus 

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