What makes a car show great?


How do you define a great car show? Number of people that showed up? The quality of the cars that attended the event? The venue selected? Or maybe, the amount of exposure in social media?

Personally I believe the most important thing is the atmosphere of the event. I ‘ve been at various events, mainly in Cyprus and the UK. However I can assure you that where times that I enjoyed more the parking lot at caffeine and machine. Rather than the highly detailed vehicles at Autosport international. 


To put it in simpler terms its about the vibe. Regardless of the vehicles present or their budget. A crucial part in the vibe of a show plays the venue. In this case 77 edition by dub club was set in Fargo village in Coventry. Although a small multi-purpose area it made you feel welcome. 

Plus it was divided into completly different rooms, which made it really interesting to shoot. It worths mentioning that they made excellent use of the space given to them. Making a ‘small’ car show look a lot bigger. 


This being set up by a dub focused club. It was expected that there was going to be a strong vag presence. Nevertheless their where a decent amount of other makes and models as well. 

Car selection/variation is something that it is  always welcomed. Don’t get me wrong i have nothing against brand/model specific shows. But there is a different vibe when you get to see all sorts of genres in one place. 

But even in a show that hosts all makes and models. Its expected that there are going to be a lot of cars, applying the same mods on different cars.

The people

Having said that, this is where it becomes interesting. In what ways people will try and think outside of the box. In order to stand out from the crowd.

Finally,a great car show is made by the love for the machine. Because its in a place full of different characters that they share the same passion; that we get inspired for our next step. 

Words : Odisseas Sofokleous 

Photos : Odisseas Sofokleous 

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