2020 Drift championship season overview

tsodas 2jz
Nissan silvia s15 cyprus drift

Drifting in Cyprus is one of the fast-growing motorsports around and for a good reason. Its FUN! So join us as we reflect the 2020 drift season overview. 


Drifting along  with drag-racing is a sport that bring the fans as close to the action as possible! So no wonder year by year the sport grows. 

Nissan silvia s14 drift overview

Seeing road-going vehicles turned race car is always fun. Especially when you actually can relate to said vehicles. Not some R5 rally-spec carbon-kevlar spaceships that look like a generic hatchback. Nevertheless,  In case you lived under a rock for the past season, this is what you should know! 

The heavyweights

ela koko cyprus bmw drift
e88 drift car

The last -problematic year- came to an end with the all conquering Ela koko stepping on to the podium once again. In a brand new 1 series build that features a turbo s52 motor with all the goodies you could ever imagine.

We couldn’t help but notice the absurd lack of a Pink Bmw this year. Yes, I am referring to Mr Pambos Charalambous which due to some complications didn’t manage to finish his new s52 powered build. The first and only M4 drift car that exists in Cyprus should be ready to rumble after some teaser videos that he uploaded recently on Facebook. We cannot wait to see it in action!
Speaking of absence Mr fast family Tsouris missed the early races of the season but he did manage to bring the heat later in the season before suffering from technical issues. Nevertheless, the man knows how to party! Equipped with an RB30 180SX he is more than capable of conquering the 2021 championship. 

Full of promise

If you follow the scene for the past few years you may have spotted some newcomers making a name for themselves as well as some proper veterans of the sport making a good comeback


Mr Sergio Grigoriou never fails to amaze, His ever-evolving Turbo E46 M3 scored a lot of points this year!

ls swapped s15

Pambos Nikolaou with the only LS-powered vehicle of the championship managed to tame that s15 into playing nice, and delivered some amazing passes all season!

tsodas 2jz

One of the most beautiful cars on the grid, Tsodas 200sx is one 2JZ powered machine gun! But despite being a promising build with an experienced driver it fails to keep up the expectations.


Lastly, you cannot speak about promising drivers without mentioning Mr Nikolas Patak. Armed with the Only v8 swapped Subaru which is a result of many years of chassis and powertrain development from the Patak garage. This veteran always manages to score a lot of points but has not yet to deliver total domination like Ela koko did the past years.

What do we want to see

Papoutas bmw e36 turbo

Some ”new” drivers in the likes of Andreas Pappoutas and Vasilis Christoforou showed some amazing driving and we genuinely want to see them fight the big dogs in similarly powered vehicles. With that being said we look forward to bring you the event coverage of the 2021 season.

grilis 2jz e30

Words: Odisseas Sophocleous 

Photography : instagram account: myphotography005 

2020 Drift overview

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