Cyprus Superbikes Street Championship 2021 and track day challenge

motorace achna

27/9/2021 marked the day of the final rounds for the Cyprus Superbikes Street Championship 2021 and the final rounds for the track day challenge series of events.

yamaha r6 cyprus
yamaha r6 cyprus
motorcyle racing

In the Cyprus Superbikes Street Championship. There are two types of motorcycles that are competing 600cc and 1000cc superstocks. Whereas in the track day challenge series, even supermotos can join in the fun.

motorace achna
motorace cyprus
In our previous article , we went into further detail about what alterations the motorcycles feature as well as the challenges that the riders face around the track. Thus we won’t go into the same detail again but instead, give you an overview of the event.
supermoto motard cyprus
Motorcycles racing cornering suzuki yamaha
AJAMI racing

As with any grand Prix style of event. Qualification rounds were held along with free practice rounds. Soon after the first round of racing for each category took place.

honda cbr cyprus
yamaha r1 cyprus
Kawasaki ninja cyprus

15-minute battles are held usually lasting 10 to 12 laps. Although Sunday’s extreme heat forced the riders to race the minimum amount of laps. When I say extreme heat I mean it, the scale reached 40C and even track-side I managed to get a decent tan! Can’t imagine the temperatures inside a full race suit and helmet.

* I think this image gives a clear example of how bloody hot it was out there* 

motorcycle racing motorace
motorcycle braking load front shock loading

Nevertheless, racing was on point with lots of overtaking and pressure being applied throughout the sessions. It’s a pity that the grandstands were almost empty.

The atmosphere


What I did love about the event is that it had a super chill atmosphere of the track. Sportsmanship at its finest, everyone was happy to help each other even if that meant spending their precious off track time. 

1000cc superstock
moses racing
achna motorcycle race

All in all it was a day well spend at the track, despite the high temperatures. I cannot wait for the next race.

Cyprus Superbikes Street Championship 2021 and track day challenge

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