”Kickdown” cars and coffee meet

nissan skyline gtr cyprus

Earlier this month the now popular Instagram page kick down hosted a cars and coffee type of meet in the parking lot opposite of Tiramisu coffee shop, which kindly provided their parking spaces to the guys. 

car meet cy

The goal of the event was for the people to get to know the kick down team and for the guys to spend their day together with coffee and nice cars! Not a bad way to spend a Sunday. 

350z nissan cy
toyota gt86 cyprus cars

So what is kick down

bmw cyprus

 Kickdown was initiated by a simple man who loves cars and wanted to bring the community together. As for the name ”kick down,” it was stuck to the brain of the operation after hearing it for the first time in a movie. 

toyota glanza

 The nice thing about kick down is that all makes and models are welcome. Since the goal is to bring the car community together again, people need to understand that there is no discrimination and the important thing is that we are all there because we love cars!

toyota starlet turbo modified

 All in all the event had a friendly vibe and all the people there shared the same passion. The kick down team wants to thank everyone that came out and play and stay tuned for more events very soon!

words: Odisseas Sofokleous.

Photography : Stephanos Ioannou @stephan focus.

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