Petrolheads festival at Achna Speedway


The past Sunday 19th of June, the petrolheads festival took place in Achna Speedway after a 2-year covid absence.

Petrolhead festival

if you never been a petrolhead festival, let me run you through it.

Widebody Ford Focus cyprus

The festival

The petrolhead festival is a relatively new event in the petrolhead calendar in Cyprus. Which takes place in the parking lot at Achna speedway. All makes and models are welcome with a small fee provided to display the car in the main parking area.

Nissan Silvia 200sx

Initially, the cars were parked by group let’s say, you had your euros and vag group on one side, and the JDM folks on the other side. but as the time passed and people came and went, we ended up with a nice mixture of all things interesting in the lot.

Ford mustang gt

As expected during the summer months in Cyprus it was hot. Like sunburns while standing in the shade hot.

Toyota sw20

Nevertheless, this didn’t stop a plethora of cars from arriving at the festival both for display and also trackwork.


A festival with a trackday in the mix

Turbo Nissan March
Nissan silvia drift car

 Since the track was open for anyone with a helmet fuel to burn and a small fee. A lot of people went out to play with their weekend warriors. from Time attack sessions and drifting. 

Petrolhead festival dragster

to the good old drag race. If you wanted to play, this was the day to do it. 

Dodge Hellcat drifting

Speaking of which A hellcat that was driven in anger made good use of the discounted track pass. Despite the usual stereotype of American cars not going around corners, these two fellas did a hell of a job to prove us wrong!

Petrolhead festival

a lot of two-wheeled action took place as well. Which is always good fun! 

Petrolhead festival

The cars

With the welcome surprise of those two muscle cars making all the glorious V8 noises in the world. We were excited to see what else would surprise us today. 

Ferrari Testarossa 512
Ferrari Testarossa 512
Ferrari Testarossa 512

and sure enough, a classic Ferrari made the trip. This lovely example of a Ferrari 512 TestaRossa broke necks and dropped jaws all day long. Thanks to the Pininfarina design, that offers timeless looks.


A pair of cars that stood out from the crowd without a single mod, was the beginning and almost the end of the Naturally aspirated M-lineup.   

The Red E30 M3 is a rare Evo 2 variant with an S14b23 engine that is all original and restored to its former glory. Parked next to it is perhaps peak M division. The E46 CSL is a track-focused and the most hardcore version of the M3 that money could buy. Absolutely no creature comforts, such as aircon radio etc. a stripped-out interior carbon roof and an s54 that is been fiddled with from the best. What a machine that is! 

Porsche 911 turbo s AGT
BMW E92 335

What the lens of many people loved, was the offering from AGT styling. A nicely modified 911 and one of the craziest E9X chassis to drive on the island definitely made a statement. Stay tuned as we will feature these builds on our website and youtube channel !! 

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Had enough Euro? Thought so! on the JDM side of things this meticulously modified example of an Integra DC2 ticked all the boxes. Shaved engine bay in true USDM style, A very JDM interior with all the bells and whistles and a CY stance because our roads look like someone through concrete on a couple of rocks. 

An unusual piece of kit was this Turbo march. Usually, this chassis is the grandma vehicle 101 that couldn’t be bothered to change the supermarket mobile from the 90s. But in this case the mad man behind this build decided that an engine swap from a newer march (K11) was a reasonable thing to do .

And Turbo it. Because god forbid you drive around in a car weighing as much as a tuna can and it isn’t pushing boost.

nissan 300zx fairlady
It was also nice to see familiar faces such as this stunning 300zx , that we featured on this page before. 
Nissan skyline r33 gtst

and familiar cars that changed owners, such as this R33 gtst if you remember it from a long time ago.

The Cyprusonwheels booth

Petrolhead festival 2022 achna speedway
Cyprusonwheels petrolhead festival

I am grateful to have awesome people supporting my cause, in bringing you the island’s automotive scene served on a plate. Our good friend Paraskevas gladly brought his ridiculously fast Evo on the day and was a crowd magnet with the hood open for over 600 different reasons!  

Cyprusonwheels petrolhead festival
Cyprusonwheels petrolhead festival
Also supporting the team was our dear friend and favourite person to paint our broken lips once in a while was Marios Soleas ( Soleas paintworks) who brought out a certain Toyota Levin that we featured on this website in the past! 
Cyprusonwheels petrolhead festival
Cyprusonwheels petrolhead festival
Cyprusonwheels petrolhead festival

If you want some merch. Send us a message on our social media accounts! Online store coming soon.

Lastly a massive thank you to all the photographers that donated their material

Michalis Pipponides, Stephanos Ioannou ( Stephanfocus ) , Constantinos Georgiou (Pure slides)(Anthony B photography) , (George Antoniades)

Words: Odisseas Sophocleous

Photography: Michalis Pipponides, Stephanos Ioannou ( Stephanfocus ) , Constantinos Georgiou (Pure slides) (Anthony B photography) , (George Antoniades)

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