1992 Suzuki Gsxr Turbo. Do it like its the 00s

suzuki gsxr 1100 cyprus

Where do I even begin… Ever thought about what would happen if you let your imagination run wild on a build?

batman artwork

Let’s say money was no issue, and you had all the time in the world, where would you put an end to it? Make it faster? Make it louder? Or perhaps you make it more aesthetically pleasing?

1992 suzuki gsxr modified

Well, our friend Antreas Decided to do all the above on his gsxr 1100 and this is about where he drew the line.

The beginning of

suzuki gsxr

You see Antreas always wanted a custom 1100, This model has a long history in Cyprus, and it is very popular since the 90s. Raced, modified, stolen and crashed, was the usual fate of these things but that didn’t stop him from making his dream a reality.

suzuki gsxr modified

Suzukis gsxr 1100 needs no introduction. Perhaps one of the most iconic motorcycles of the era from the land of the rising Sun. The performance, noise, and built quality made it a favourite around the world, resulting in plenty sales and consequently plenty of performance parts being developed for it.

suzuki gsxr turbo cbr front end

Parts that initially found their way into this build. Initially this Honda-faced maniac was an all original example (purists you may cry here) that Petros initially spiced with a high compression NA build, but it all went downhill from there.

wide tyre gsxr ATC wheel

So, what are we looking at?

suzuki gsxr big tyre

The current version of this project , features well just about everything and anything one could throw on there. Other than the aforementioned Honda cbr fairing swap the rear end was also remodelled using a rear subframe out of a Kawasaki 636.

kawasaki 636
batman gsxr

The bodywork was painted black initially before being air-brushed with Batman-Joker inspired art work. Every single inch of this motorcycle has a detail or an art-piece that will peak your curiosity.

suzuki gsxr turbo 1100

Underneath of the bodywork some extensive work has been to the Suzuki, in all aspects.

gsxr turbo manifold

Loaded up

hayabusa brakes suzuki gsxr

Up front Lowered front forks with Hayabusa brakes and massive discs make sure this turbocharged machine can come to halt.

suzuki gsxr cyprus
suzuki gsxr big tyre

Like a mullet, in this build the party is at the back.

suzuki gsxr 1100 custom cyprus
twin sprocket setup big tyre suzuki

Measuring in at 18/40/300 this thicc boy made by ATC is held on by a custom handmade swing arm made by Filippos Panayiotou and uses a custom extension sprocket and 530 thickness chains to accommodate its width.

suzuki gsxr wide tyre
wide tyre gsxr

Not much of a functional piece, but it definitely made people stop to pick their jaw up.

air shock cbr
big tyre suzuki

The rear shock is from a cbr1000 with an air valve allowing for more adjustability. Plus a bottle of nos just in case.

From NA to force fed.

turbo gsxr
joker airbrush
turbo gsxr carburettor

All show and no go its out of this man’s vocabulary, thus in order to move the added rear girth, more power was the solution.  A turbo kit from Mr. Turbo is used in this application, that features custom exhaust manifolds and inlets and of course a Garrett turbo.


turbo gsxr carburettor

Being originally a carburettor engine the only way to make good use of a turbocharger is by switching to a draw through carb setup. Hooked on the cold side of the turbo a massive 52mm Mikuni carburettor draws fuel mixture and forces it through the custom intake.

suzuki gsxr 1100 turbo

Old-school way of doing it, giving this whole build a very early 00s feel to it.


Limassol suzuki

The bike was set-up in our booth during the day of the kickdown event in Limassol, and it simply was a showstopper. Unfortunately being this heavily modified it’s quite  a hassle to drive it on the street (and a tad illegal) thus it spends most of its life as an exhibition piece – and the occasional wedding- ( Mandatory in Cyprus to bring the wildest vehicle you own to a wedding. )

1992 suzuki gsxr

What do you think of this build?

  • Photography by: Michalis Pipponides
  • Owner: Antreas Papantreou
  • words: Odisseas Sophocleous 
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