The only Hillclimb of 2022. Pissouri hillclimb event

misubishi lancer evolution colt racing

Winter is upon us here in Cyprus and motoring events are coming to an end, as a last hoorah- the Cyprus Motorsport federation decided to host the one and only Hillclimb event of the year, here in Pissouri. 

Pissouri hillclimb cyprus
The event was scheduled to start at 9 am, which meant we had to be on the road at least by 7:30 to drive from Larnaca to  Pissouri – Despite running a little late it was not a problem for our ride for the day. Stavros Mitsubishi evolution 8 MR.   
renault williams racing car

As it turned out we had nothing to worry about since the event was delayed massively and eventually started at 11:20 am. A massive disappointment to say the least for the crowds that packed up the hills of Pissouri bay 

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suzuki ignis cyprus pissouri
nissan pulsar time attack sr20 cyprus

After a couple of drift runs from Simos Tikkis and his 2JZ-powered E36  Hillclimb racing was on its way!

bmw e36 drift

The usual suspects where on the grid, as we have seen the same cars in events that we documented here in the past.

Toyota corolla GT-FOUR

With the addition of this mental Toyota, that we definetly need to see in further detail ! 

Toyota corolla hillcimb monster

A welcome surprise was some bike powered- off road buggies,  which seemed like a blast to drive 

motorcycle engined buggy

lightweight chassis with a high revving motorcycle engine seems to be a trend currently on the island. 

Talex jiklas lubricants cyprus
Talex racing

Like Loucas Christoforou Talex, which was lightning fast around this tight and very technical course.  and managed to secure second place with a 0:01:15.67

Haris perikkos mitsubishi evolution

Speaking of the course, the pissouri hillclimb unfortunately claimed a few victims through-out the day, like this Evo which spun later down the course. Due to the low speed section the only thing that was hurt was the pride of the drivers. 

haris perikkos garage
pissouri hillcimb
pissouri hill climb
vw golf hillcimb

Man of the day was once again Yiannis Kapetanios, with his Mitsubishi evolution. This man is to be feared when it comes to hillclimb racing managing a best time of 0:01:12.28

pissouri hill climb winner
kapetanios evolution mitsubishi lce garage
kapetanios evolution mitsubishi lce garage

Third place went to another evolution of Deniz Denner that managed a 0:01:16.89

which I don’t have more photos of unfortunately, due to the massive delay in starting the event that pushed us out of schedule.

N psillos mobiles evolution

Nevertheless for the mere cost of 3 euro, it was a Sunday morning well spent. 

subaru impreza hillcimb

We hope to see more Hillclimb events in the future, but with an organization to much the oldest form of motorsport in the world.

Words : Odisseas Sophocleous 

Photography : Odisseas Sophocleous

The only Hillclimb of 2022. Pissouri hillclimb event