Finding balance. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8 mr

Finding balance mitsubishi lancer evolution 8 mr

Can you ever have enough horsepower? When do you ever have enough aero ? bags or coils? These are questions that keep enthusiasts window shopping parts online. That they don’t need or raid marketplace for a chance to strike good deal on a used part that they might not even use. So when its enough? This particular evolution, gives me the excuse to talk about finding balance in a street build like this one.

Mitsubishi evolution 8 mr

I want to kick things off with the exterior. The car features a Varis carbon fiber lip along with carspeed carbon fiber air ducts and canards. These are very subtle changes, but give a much more aggressive presence to the car.

evo 8 carbon extensions

 Moving along the side you can spot Rexspeed carbon fiber extensions and spats. Also the door handles where painted black to match.

evo 8 varis diffuser

The rear end benefits from a varis diffuser and canards. Along with a carbon fibre exhaust guard, which is a nice addition.Evo 8’s front and rear bumpers usually get sacked for evo 9 counterparts, but this car goes to show that with the proper additions even this version can look nice.

carbon fiber vortex generator lancer evolution

Carbon fibre roof fins where added to complete the look. Regarding the roof colour. in the beginning I had my doubts about the black, contrasting against the silver body. But it kind of started to grow on me.

Finding balance mitsubishi evo 8mr

If you are into the evo game, you already know what wheel it utilizes. But in case you are not these are xxr’s 527. Personally, I believe these are played out on evo’s,but not to worry the owner has plans to change them soon. With something that matches the car origins. Any suggestions? Drop them below.

Performance wise the car is brought up to 450-wheel horsepower as measured on a (Dyno jet) dyno. The engine is beefed up nicely but nothing extreme. Internally the engine sports tomei cams, arp studs and acl bearings. While externally it utilizes an upgraded garret turbine with a turbosmart wastegate. Exhaust gasses travel uninterrupted through a rare, nowdays 5zigen catback exhaust. Keeping things cool a koyorad is used along with a mishimoto intercooler. On the intake side, there is an upgraded throttle body and 850cc sard injectors.Lastly fuel is provided by dual walbro pumps.  Fair to say this is not the most powerful evo I ‘ve been in to . But this is a super responsive setup and has a wide powerband. which is something that I will take over a peaky high horsepower build any day.

Power is controlled in a 90’s ways of doing things. That is using a parallel ecu setup to control the engine. Although the owner tells me that a haltech ecu its making its way under the dash soon. Boost is controlled using a greddy profec b spec 2 boost controller.

Power goes *gently* through an os giken dual clutch disc, so it doesn’t upset the “weak” as the owner states six speed gearbox.  

Stopping power comes from upgraded front and rear disc brakes and ebc pads. Something that I really appreciate. Since it helps the car a lot, to behave properly with the increase in power.


Keeping the vehicle planted is a fully adjustable tein suspension, although an excellent setup it is a bit too stiff for my taste. Another nice edition and popular amongst evo owners, is the cusco front brace bar.

Finding balance mitsubishi lancer evolution 8 mr

Most of these mods where done by the previous owner. However the current owner has big plans stored for this machine. By the time you are reading this, the knock off tyres are long gone and a pair of toyo proxes sport have taken their place.

To sum things up I want to refer to my original point. Balance. You don’t have to go to extreme measures to achieve something great. Personally, I believe that a well-thought selection off parts can deliver an excellent result.  


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