1978 Suzuki GS400 , when less is more.

Suzuki cyprus

A topic that always pops up for discussion when talking about anything with an engine is the performance one. We all love to compare numbers and power figures but let me ask you this, do you really a gazillion horsepower controlled by 10 different ecus and more aerodynamics than a space shuttle to have fun? This Suzuki reminded us of the fact that less Is more.

Suzuki Gs 400 1978

Back in the early 70s the Suzuki GS was Suzuki’s first series of four stroke motorcycles. With its parallel engine using a DOHC cylinder head it made decent  power for its size and handled even better thanks to telescopic forks, disc brakes and dual rear shocks.

suzuki gs 400 cyprus

Unfortunately in the looks department it was never a shocker- nor was it meant to be really, but this is where Underground custom Cycles stepped in , and managed to keep all of the Suzuki’s FUNctionality  while adding a tremendous amount of style.

Keep it simple

The bread and butter of any good custom begins from the chassis. And just like the favourite breakfast of millions of people, simplicity just works.

suzuki gs400 custom

A shorted frame paired with a new hoop that was fabricated along with a custom seat pan and seat, make for a much more elegant rear end. That also houses the wiring – talk about tight packaging.

underground custom cycles

Although modifications were kept to the minimum, the Suzuki is filled with details such as this awesome front fender mounts made from 12mm stainless steel.

Suzuki Gs 400 1978

The Suzuki also benefits from Emco rear shocks, and re-spoked and refurbished wheels that really make this little two-cylinder hoon – stand out.

Small but mighty

A great amount of time was spent bringing the two cylinder 400cc back to its original glory. Dare I say even better than that.

Suzuki Gs 400 1978

Polished, powder coated and most importantly having all brand new internals the little Suzuki goes as good as it looks.

Suzuki Gs 400 1978

Providing a boost in performance are custom spec-ed mikuni vm30 carbs with DNA pod filters. That are paired with custom exhaust pipes, made in house at Underground Custom Cycles .

Suzuki Gs 400 custom exhaust

Up to date

We all love 70s engines and styling, but I am darn sure that we all hate wiring from the 70s, Thus Petros  once again came to the rescue and made a custom wiring harness from scratch.

Suzuki cyprus

Featuring a moto-gadget mini speedo and custom switches the handlebars are kept to a minimum.


In combination with Kellerman indicators and a LED headlight housed in the factory headlight shell. It makes the Suzuki look a lot younger than it ever did.


So, can you picture a better way to go grab some coffee on a Sunday morning? I am positive you cannot!


Built by: Underground custom cycles Limassol 

Words : Odisseas Sophocleous 

Photography :

1978 Suzuki GS400 , when less is more.