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suzuki burnout

Nasty Samurai. A Suzuki Samurai with a secret.

Suzuki Samurai When thinking of performance cars, Suzuki is not the first one that pops into someone’s head. Despite Suzuki making some attempts to get involved in sports cars and motorsport in general, one of their most successful ventures-excluding motorcycles- were the mini-SUVs that they… Read More »Nasty Samurai. A Suzuki Samurai with a secret.

E92 335d modified daily stance

The ideal all around car?Bmw E92 335d

Without a doubt the biggest dilemma a petrolhead can face is choosing a daily driver. If you are reading this, there is a 99% chance that you are addicted to cars that can do a lot more than just drive you from A to B. Unfortuanly it comes a time that we have to do just that, drive from A to B.