470 WHP of FWD glory. 1992 Honda civic Turbo.

Picture this is the late 90s early 2000s and you are a lad in his 20s looking for an affordable car that can manage daily driver duties without being boring to death. The answer lies here above you.

Honda civic turbo cyprus
Our friend Paulos Ioannou acquired this civic as a single cam vtec variant with daily driver duties in mind . But being already heavily involved in the local street racing and primitive drag racing events with his Nitrous-fed Honda CRX it didn’t take long enough for the mods to begin on the -new- for the era platform.

A B16A Turbo for all occasions.

modified car cyprus
Back in the day (2002 when this thing was originally put together) the go-to solution for speed parts was to import them from Japan. Out of luck a b16a complete engine conversion fully built by ”top fuel” Japan popped up for sale. The engine originally was built entirely with top fuel components but after almost 20-years in use, a rebuild took place in 2019 to refresh the motor.
hood exit exhaust and external gate honda
garrett turbo b16a

The engine was rebuilt by Drakos racing using eagle rods, CP low compression pistons and arp hardware throughout. Boost is provided by a hefty garret turbine while a 38mm tial external gate shoots excess gasses through the hood along with the exhaust. The exhaust manifold is a custom piece made by kakarakis.

edelblock intake b16a honda

On the cold side of the engine, and almost period-correct Edelbrock victor x intake is used along with a greedy blow off. 1000cc Denso injectors are utilized along with an AEM methanol kit. 

aem methanol kit civic

The engine also benefits from a COP (coil on plug) conversion. 

COP conversion b series

Lastly, the party is controlled via an AEM ECU tuned by Tens.


Wheels and suspension

 Well, whilst the engine had a recent overhaul the suspension is due for one since it’s an hks suspension that dates back to the release of the second FnF movie! nevertheless skunk 2 adjustable wishbones are used throughout the car. 

civic cyprus
Stance honda

Regarding the wheels, in ”street mode” if you can picture this driving on the street, it wears 16×8 inch knock-offs wrapped around 205/45/16 tyres all around. for a 470 whp fwd hatch, this wheel combo is useless since it spins all the way to 5th gear when you keep the loud pedal to the floor.

When the car is taken to the track drag radials are used along with modified fenders for them to fit. (excuse the images).

Less is more

ormidia cyprus
Honda turbo

Exterior wise the vehicle remains standard except for a fibreglass hood and aftermarket headlights. MS paintworks gave the whole vehicle recently a respray in its factory red shade.

honda iphone wallpaper
honda iphone wallpaper

The owner of this vehicle is a car upholster by trade, so back in the day, the interior was custom made with a flame theme as you can spot from the door cards. 

But with lower ETs becoming a priority only the door cards remained along with a single bucket seat. regarding infotainment, a shifter light is all you get! not even a boost gauge or water temp gauge is found and this only highlights the reliability of a honda build!

vintage recaro
honda civic drag car
top fuel japan

A lifetime companion.

From a single cam daily driver to a boosted daily driver that street raced anything that pulled up, to an almost fully-fledged drag car that has a best ET of 10 seconds flat in the 300 m tarmac of achna speedway . The passion that the owner has for this platform and did not even think to get rid of it for the past 20 years is truly inspiring.
ormidia cyprus

But times passes and responsibilities are increasing and therefore the only use that the honda sees at the moment is for driving lessons to the 12-year old son of the owner. ( I thought it was a joke but apparently, there is a 12-year old that somehow managed to launch this thing!)

tens tuning honda

The car is destined to stay in the family, as a showpiece mainly. Unless the next generation decides to visit the drag-strip again.

The owner would like to thank
marios soleas MS paintworks.
Drakos racing.
Tens tuning.

Words and photography:
Odisseas Sofokleous.

470 Whp of FWD glory. Honda civic Turbo.

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