Through our lens 2021 Boyz stuff show overview

Widebody BMW E46

November in Cyprus is a weird month, There are equal chances of heavy rainfall as there are for a sunny 30 degrees summer day. But for us, these things don’t matter because November is the month of the only indoors Motorshow that takes place in Cyprus.

Boyz stuff is held in the only indoor exhibition centre in Cyprus, the national exhibition centre in Nicosia. (if you are reading this from abroad, yes we are that small). 

With a tiny selection of cars, to begin with, everyone and everything is welcome. When I say everything I mean literally if it has an engine and it can move under its power you will see it here. 

Widebody mini r53

From military tracks to turbo Hayabusas you will find something to suit everyone tastes. 

For real, anything.

From military tracks to turbo Hayabusas you will find something to suit everyone tastes. 

Even car part inspired shishas for the matter ! 

Car clubs

A lot of car clubs had a strong presence especially the Land cruiser club and the Patrol club. We also spotted our friend Themis with his awesome patrol.

Classics and restomods

Classic cars are a big part of Cyprus automotive and some rare and fun history pieces made it to the show. 

Kickdown car club

bmw e30

If you are a regular here I am sure you recognize the name Kickdown since we featured a few of  their meets here. The guys really put an effort to have a variety of makes and models in their booth. Capturing the aim of their events altogether. 


Remember this build? If not click here!

We do love our sub-compacts in Cyprus and you literally see cars like these Mazdas everywhere. But I appreciate the fact that there are people trying to make a build out of them. 

swipe the gallery for more.

Mazda Miata MX-5 cyprus

Imagine is the 90s, pick your Fwd weapon : Civic or starlet gt?

Race cars make the best show cars

What we believe is a VG30DETT engine taken from a 300zx, looks right at home in the widebody s15. Can’t wait to see it on the track.

Keep an eye out for the eneos wrapped evo by HP motorsport and their sr-powered rx7.Full feature coming soon.

Nissan silvia s15 cyprus

Anyone else getting Toyota Corolla WRC vibes? Haven’t seen someone make a build out of this platform since ’95. Fantastic

Like checking the fridge

Personally this is how I feel about the Boyz stuff show. Like checking the fridge – you know more or less what are you going to see , but you still check if there’s anything different this time around.

Photography :

@michalis piponides

Stephanos Ioannou @Stephan_Focus


Odisseas Sophocleous

Through our lens. 2021 Boyz stuff .

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