CY car scene in a nutshell, Cars & coffee Nicosia

Cyprus car scene nutshell

Cyprus car scene in a nutshell.

Now don’t get me wrong when I say this, but the parking lot of today’s event sums up pretty much the most common platforms that enthusiasts pick in Cyprus.

Cyprus car scene
cars scene cyprus
Cyprus car scene

We have talked a numerous amount of times why you can’t go wrong with an Evo .

Subaru Impreza

And also its brother from another mother, the Impreza.Unlike other meets that we attended , there was a decent, marque and model variation present, to suit all tastes. 

Mazda cyprus
Audi stance cars and coffee

With the highlight of the day, being this gtr which had people drooling over it all day long. Do you blame though drooling over a black gtr with bronze TEs?

Nissan GTR cyprus
Nissan 300zx cyprus

But it wasn’t the only Nissan wearing Rays famous wheel, a certain 300zx that you might recognize was also there.


Bmw car enthusiast Nicosia
Ze germans

A scene that seems to be growing by the day is the euro-mostly German-made automobiles. Being relatively affordable, BMW’s latest platforms certainly speak to the enthusiastic crowd like no other. 

Bmw scene nicosia
cars and coffee

Just right

I want to congratulate the organizers but also the people attending the event for acting like grown-ups and behaving properly. Just goes to show that there are people that they find joy in the machine and don’t want to create chaos as our government wants to believe.

Lexus just right

Lastly, I have to say that we genuinely enjoyed this simple but straight up awesome meet. Looking forward to the next one!


Photography : the_car_polarizer , angelos_georgiou_

Words: Odisseas Sophocleous 

Cyprus car sene in a nutshell. Cars and coffee gallery

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